Strength in Numbers Advancing Collaborative Diversity in the Workforce

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Mar 14 - 15, 2018

New York, NY

$395 USD

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Despite the laudable efforts of workplace affinity groups and D&I caucuses at moving the needle on workforce equality, the business imperative for establishing a truly collaborative approach to diverse representation remains a key priority for today’s senior executives. Indeed, in an era of deep social division and heightened visibility around harassment, intolerance and hate, some of the legal profession’s most progressive leaders are investing heavily in the cultural well-being of their respective organizations, no matter how simple or gargantuan the task. Next March, the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute proudly presents an interactive caucus on cultural inclusion and diverse representation within the US legal community.

Rather than view diversity as a constellation of discrete, if largely homogeneous, social silos, this landmark summit considers diverse representation as a cohesive and multifaceted construct stretching across physical, ideological, and (in)visible lines. D&I professionals, in-house counsel and law firm peers are invited to work together through a series of focused round tables designed to provide digestible–and practical–solutions for immediate adoption.

Attendees are expected to share real-world examples of challenges and breakthroughs experienced throughout their career(s).

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Why You Should Attend

  • As one of the world’s most ethical companies, Thomson Reuters considers this event an honor and ethical obligation to connect passionate advocates with key power brokers from across the profession.
  • We are creating a summit that treats diversity as a heterogeneous, multifaceted construct spanning physical, ideological and (in)visible divides
  • Attendees are asked to engage peers in a series of round table dialogues designed for earnest and collaborative solutions

    Who Should Attend

  • Diversity & Inclusion Professionals
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Law Firm Professionals
  • Event Co-Chair

    Gillian Power

    Chief Information Officer, Lathrop & Gage LLP

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    Event Details

    Wednesday, Mar 14

    6:30 PM
    Registration & Networking Reception
    7:30 PM
    Keynote Dinner
    8:45 PM
    Closing Remarks

    Thursday, Mar 15

    8:15 AM
    Registration & Breakfast
    9:15 AM
    Opening Remarks
    9:30 AM
    Diversity In Flux: The State of the Nation 2018

    With a revitalized concern over the security of basic rights and a loosening of positive political support for minority groups from national leadership, the issue now begs the question – does our strength lie in numbers? As the edges of precious rights become frayed, is there a growing threat to the blanket of protectionism put forth by previous generations?  This opening session explores the commonalities in our differences and the changing nature of our diverse nation in 2018.

    10:45 AM
    Morning Break
    11:00 AM
    Seeing the Unseen: Overcoming Physical Discrimination in the Workplace (Breakout)

    So much of a person can be missed from assumptions built upon the feedback of one’s own perceptions. Seeing a person solely from a perspective of health, ability, ethnicity, race or other visual identifier provides an extremely narrow viewpoint of all of the qualities a given individual may possess.  This session addresses why physical discrimination, in any regard, is harmful to an organization’s bottom line. This roundtable will explore why organizations need to begin driving the discussion beyond one narrow viewpoint toward the greater, open road of a diverse landscape.

    What’s in a Number?: Eradicating Misperceptions Based On Ageism (Breakout)

    The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) expressly forbids employers from discrimination against people aged 40 years or older in their hiring practices.  Though this law attempts to promote the fair employment of aging Americans, ageism is much more than an issue of numbers.  Along with misconstrued beliefs around experience (or lack thereof), comes fallacies around abilities, both intellectual and physical, as well as assumptions that an individual is defined by the qualities of their generation. Ageism spans generations and is not isolated to those protected by the ADEA.  Our facilitators will explore the issues in seeing an individual through a generational lens, and discuss how organizations can help drive the conversation in order to encourage a workforce of ideas rather than a workplace built upon age brackets.

    12:15 PM
    Networking Luncheon
    1:15 PM
    Him, Her or Who Cares?!: An All-Encompassing View of Gender Discrimination (Breakout)

    In a traditional sense, few would argue that aggressions such as sexism belong in the realm of gender discrimination. However, the finer points of this topic include much more than the dichotomy of male and female.  This session explores the intersection of misogyny, misandery, homophobia, transphobia and related issues of gender identification in the workplace. Our facilitators will address why, in a politically tumultuous environment, the purview of this issue needs to be redefined and addressed at an organizational level.

    The “I” in Team: Exploring Individual Ideologies in a Team Environment (Breakout)

    A plurality of ideas often helps drive an organization forward, but to what extent are true ideological differences actually celebrated? Individuals with differing viewpoints around religious beliefs are often protected in the workplace, but what about those with contrarian political views, management panache or communication styles? What are the outer limits when celebrating ideological differences versus attempts to create an organizational culture based upon a concept of unity?  This session will explore the many intricacies in walking the fine line between “one as many” and “many as one.”

    2:30 PM
    Afternoon Break
    2:45 PM
    The Big Win-Win: Exploring Methods in Retaining a Diverse Workforce

    Organizations are only as strong as their ability to develop and retain a diverse workforce. Thanks to increased competition and generational shifts in the contemporary workplace, many diverse professionals are leaving their employers for more rewarding (if lucrative) opportunities. What is behind this growing trend?  And how can employers better retain top talent in the workforce? This round table asks participants to share best practices and brainstorm strategies around improving overall organizational health.

    4:00 PM
    Closing Remarks
    4:15 PM
    Networking Reception

    Please join us for cocktails & canapés as we conclude the day’s proceedings.


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