LEI Webinar: Document Automation Workflow Strategies for Competitive Law Firms

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Sep 12, 2017

12:00PM-1:00PM EDT



The Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute and Contract Express proudly present a special webinar on document automation’s impact on profitability and efficiency initiatives in law firms.

This lively discussion examines the various ways proactive law firms leverage new technology to deliver faster, more cost-effective solutions to legal clientele around the world. Our accomplished panel will share in depth case studies and practical guidance on how industry colleagues can balance client expectations with business objectives in an era of fierce competition.

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Those interested in finding out more about document automation can reference the following link for additional background material.

Why You Should Attend

  • Our webinar offers a frank, practical, peer-driven assessment of contract automation's impact on legal services
  • Participants can raise questions and concerns with accomplished peers who have navigated the nuances of technological adoption

    Who Should Attend

  • Law Firm C-Suite Officers
  • Law Firm Technology & Operations Professionals
  • Law Firm Innovation Heads
  • Event Details

    Tuesday, Sep 12

    12:00PM EDT
    Document Automation: Workflow Strategies for Competitive Firms

    When we consider how, in an instant gratification society, technological advances are only outpaced by ardent client expectations, it seems hardly surprising that law firms face tremendous pressure to provide higher quality, cost-effective legal service in a timely and expeditious manner.  Document automation is but one of several operational mechanisms deployed by firms to answer this monumental challenge. Leveraging their extensive knowledge management expertise, our accomplished panel will discuss some of the innovative ways each of their respective organizations  utilize document automation  in order to facilitate profitability, efficiency, and overall costs savings across the enterprise.

    Key discussion points will address:
    • What is document automation;
    • What are the benefits of document automation;
    • Implementation stories and insights;
    • Questions/Discussion

    Silvia A. LeBlanc, Director of Knowledge Management, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
    Anatoly Soyfer, Senior Marketer, Thomson Reuters Legal
    Kathy Valentine, Knowledge Management Solutions Manager, Dentons
    Eric Wood, Practice Innovations and Technology Partner, Chapman and Cutler LLP

    1:00PM EDT



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