Frank Spadafino

Chief Information Officer, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

Frank Spadafino is the Chief Information Officer of Hughes Hubbard & Reed, based in the firm's New York office. As the Chief Information Officer, Mr. Spadafino's primary responsibilities are to: develop, maintain and execute an information systems and governance strategy for the firm and to ensure the day to day operations of the Information Systems, Practice Support and Records/Information Management functions of the firm deliver outstanding service in the most efficient and cost effective means possible. In addition, he is responsible for implementing and managing a comprehensive Information Security program which meets or exceeds client requirements, and leverages best practices and industry leading technology solutions to protect firm and client information against ever evolving cybersecurity threats.

Frank works closely with Firm leadership to be certain that the strategy implemented aligns with the firm's overall business strategy and priorities. In addition, he works closely with leaders of other departments to identify opportunities to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes through process improvement leveraging the firm’s information systems and assets.

In his approximately 25 years of experience working in the information systems field, primarily with large law firms and in investment banking, he has developed a broad perspective and deep understanding of the criteria needed for successful information systems initiatives, and the challenges that can derail those efforts if not properly considered.